“With New Mexico Contractors’ Comp Trust we can control our costs with options like claims buy-back and we can reduce our work comp vulnerabilities by applying the risk management tools we learn at the bi-monthly safety meetings. We are proud to be a long-term member of this self-insurance group.”

Chellye Porter,
Summit Construction


“The New Mexico Contractors Comp Trust has provided our company with many benefits including competitive rates, great claims management, a lower e-mod, loss control and safety programs, the ability to buy back claims, involvement in the claims process, education of the workers’ compensation system, and a “back-to-work” program for injured employees.  The shared risk by our participants allows us to utilize best practices in safety and claims mitigation to do what’s right for our employees as well as our bottom line.  The savings have resulted in fewer injuries, lower claims cost, lower e-mods, and a healthier and more productive workplace.  NMCCT is the workers’ compensation program to be a part of if you value the best product for your hard earned dollars.”

Chet Karnas,
Lone Sun Builders


The New Mexico Contractors’ Comp Trust (NMCCT) shares our return-to-work philosophy. We work together to get injured employees back to work, even in modified duty capacities, so they can be with their team and stay engaged with their team-mates.  This leads to better outcomes for all parties as the company also benefits from lower claims costs and keeping experienced employees at work.  We value the partnered approach NMCCT takes in caring for our employees.

Dub Girand,
Highway Supply, LLC


The New Mexico Contractors’ Comp Trust (NMCCT) has helped us to lower our e-mod by over 20 points within a 2 year timeframe utilizing their excellent claims management philosophy and their return to work best practices. We are happy with the competitive and steady rate structure and the financial stability of the program. I would strongly recommend the NMCCT to anyone who needs help lowering your e-mod.

Steve Moore
RMCI, Inc.